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General Development RoughlyDrafted Magazine has posted an in-depth article that examines Sproutcore, an Apple-backed Javascript framework that approximates Cocoa on the web. The article examines why using HTML, Javascript, and CSS just may win the battle with Flash, Silverlight, and Java for rich internet application deployment. Sproutcore enables web developers to create full-featured cross-browser web apps an in a Model, View, Controller convention, much like Rails. The Sproutcore site has some great tutorials that show off the framework.
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The killer app
by chrono13 on Mon 16th Jun 2008 00:39 UTC
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The killer app is ubiquitous video playback.
Can this solution meet the following?
1. Play video in browser
2. Stream said video
3. At reasonable compression
4. Be ubiquitous (not require installing Yet Another Codec)*.

And somewhat less important, as it does not pertain specifically to video playback, is number 5) be interactive (games).

*I understand that Flash requires an install, but it is often pre-installed via OEM.

Silverlight and Flash are able to do all of this. Any serious competitor will have to be able to do this, and offer as-good-as development/video tools to be even remotely competitive in the Flash-dominated web.

Silverlight will make huge inroads on Flash simply because (and thus by default IE) is bugging everyone to install it. See again point 4.

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