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Mac OS X We all know about PsyStar, the company that sells an unofficial Macintosh clone running Mac OS X Leopard. While the device runs Leopard fine, it has its shortcomings in that operating system updates have to go through PsyStar testing first, becuase they might break your installation. While this problem isn't addressed with this product, EFiX aims to simplify installing Mac OS X Leopard on your non-Apple machine.
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Actually your 680i would run fine I've done it. But there is still the fact that you are running a hacked OS on non supported hardware, even if hacked drivers get it to work and run stable for awhile it doesn't take much to bring the system down.

It's not hard to get most newer machines to run with OS X with most hardware working, even most of the newer video cards work. But if you have ever worked on a Apple Intel machine compared to a "hackintosh" machine you'll appreciate the packaging and integration the Apple product brings.

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