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Mac OS X The original rumours concerning Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard stated that it would be available only for 64bit Intel processors, leaving PowerPC G4, G5, and early Intel Macs out in the blue. While Steve Jobs' keynote and the preview pages at did not speak of any hardware cut-offs, Gizmodo got their hands on a hardware requirements document for the Developer Preview release of Snow Leopard, and it contains bad news for PowerPC users.
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RE[6]: there it is again...
by Glynser on Mon 16th Jun 2008 09:17 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: there it is again..."
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Just one thing more, as an example. I know an Apple user, and he's sooo proud to have Apple and climb up their butts.

Now, back then when Macs were still PPC, he always praised the PPC and explained that it's soooo much better than Intel and so on, and then, half a year later, he told me they'll switch to Intel and this is such a good decision and that they always were prepared for this step, their OS code was designed so that it could be very easily built on an Intel CPU, etc... and yeah, now Intel rocks of course, because when Apple says something...

In my eyes, this is the typical scenario. Whatever Apple does, it's good. Yeah yeah yeah Apple Apple Apple! If Microsoft would now switch to another architecture than Intel, it would be the biggest bullshit in the world, but if Apple does that, it's great.

And now, of course, everyone loves their decision not to support PPC anymore... because it's Apple's will, and "Apple's will" is equal to "truth".

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