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Opera Software Opera 9.5 has been released, beating Firefox 3.0 to the punch which is supposed to be released soon as well. The marketing speak: "Opera's cross-device expertise, support for open Web standards and commitment to speed and performance culminate to create the most powerful Opera browser yet. Making its desktop debut in Opera 9.5, Opera Link blurs the boundaries between computers and mobile phones by enabling a seamless Web experience from device to device." Get it from
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few reasons why I won't use Opera
by kvarbanov on Mon 16th Jun 2008 09:58 UTC
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1. Few of the old features came disabled - why ? I need them, why I have to go back and turn them on ? Not a big pain though, I can live with that.
2. Weak support for Linux / Unix - compared to FF3 RC2, opera is very slow in :
start up time, rendering time, java script overall performance. It wasn't like that in 9.27 though, I have to spend time downgrading.
3. Previous RC / Beta versions almost crash my entire OS, including other browser settings and plugins. I did report that.
4. Slow overall performance when using various skins (I don't like the default one), no change in performance when putting the default skin. Clicking OK takes forever to accept since 9.50. No visible improvements, at least for me - OS : Fedora 8, KDE. My machine is powerful enough to handle every desktop application, but opera seems to freeze every 3-5 seconds when browsing.
5. Lack of addons - I'm not aware of anything that can beat FF addons, opera's widgets are miserable and useless.
6. Lack of flash player plugin - you have to source the path from mozilla's path - certainly, it works OK for FF, but not for opera. Downgrading the .so file gave me vision, but not sound for flash content. It's not my fault also that opera can't handle the flash, FF can.
7. Better support for Windows ( of course ), worse for Linux. I'm not aware of any other person that would prefer Opera 9.50 against FF3, despite it's still RC - it's much more stable.
8. Lack of "check-spell-as-you-type" feature - there are workarounds, I know, but not as good as FF one.

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