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KDE Probably the most often misunderstood element of KDE4 is Plasma, the extensive widget engine that replaces the normal desktop and the Kicker panel from KDE 3.x. The entire KDE4 desktop is built up out of Plasmoids (yet another term for desk accessory), including the panel and the desktop itself - and it is the latter that has been causing quite some confusion. Where are my desktop icons? Update: Aaron Seigo has published a screencast showing how the FolderView Plasmoid behaves as a normal desktop, and how to make it so.
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Desktop, but no wallpaper?
by Moochman on Mon 16th Jun 2008 18:14 UTC
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I just watched the screencast at the Youtube link:

and found out that while 4.1 will allow a user to have a folder-view-based desktop, they'll need to wait for version 4.2 to be able to put wallpaper behind it.

I know the KDE team is really intent on doing the architecture the right way, which Aaron explains is the case here since they're going to separate the wallpaper-drawing mechanism from the folder view.

...But. Isn't there some hack that could be implemented in the meantime or something? Even Windows has been able to draw backgrounds in folder views since god knows when... Yes, it's the old "give an inch and they'll take a mile" syndrome, but this is a serious aesthetic flaw we're talking about here. And up until now, aesthetics was one of the biggest things KDE4 had going for it.

I can hear the screams already.... "My desktop is hideous and there's nothing I can do about it unless I take all the icons off of it! Booo!"

They may be whiny and annoying, but hey, do *you* want to stare at a gray-and-white checker pattern all day long?

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