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Mac OS X We all know about PsyStar, the company that sells an unofficial Macintosh clone running Mac OS X Leopard. While the device runs Leopard fine, it has its shortcomings in that operating system updates have to go through PsyStar testing first, becuase they might break your installation. While this problem isn't addressed with this product, EFiX aims to simplify installing Mac OS X Leopard on your non-Apple machine.
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Quality Hardware
by jbettcher on Mon 16th Jun 2008 22:47 UTC
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Nobody really stated that it's a difference of the quality of hardware, its the packaging and design. Yes you can run OS X on vanilla hardware but saying you don't have to hack anything to get it to run is a ignorant insult to the people who spent hours coding the workarounds so that you can just download a patch and burn a DVD. Yeah maybe afterwords all you have to do is hack some device ID's in a PLIST to get the hardware working, but way more work that you didn't do went into it.

Apple selects hardware, programs/picks the drivers, and bundles them with their software. All the setups are stress tested to make sure they work. You can do the same with vanilla hardware and stress test the crap out of it so you know if works 100% but you won't know that it still will when the next release comes out and no you still don't have an Apple computer even if the hardware is the same grade or better.

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