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AMD AMD has seen a few serious setbacks lately, especially with their Barcelona server processor, but it seems as if the company is trying hard to get things back on track. The first step in solving an issue is acknowledging it exists in the first place, and AMD CEO Hector Ruiz did just that last December. "We blew it and we're very humbled by it and we learned from it and we're not going to do it again." Reseller Advocate Magazine asks, are you ready to believe him?
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by 10wattmindtrip on Mon 16th Jun 2008 23:19 UTC
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Honestly, I think AMD has the potential to move things in the right direction. Not doing so would seem foolish in my opinion. So, I would 'like' to believe it when he said "We know we screwed up! It won't happen again!" Now, I'm not exactly sure where I'm going with this save for the blatant logic that has been stated clearly by AMD themselves.
With that said, I really do think things will change. Does this mean I will go and buy the chip? Probably. But not right now... I'm a student.
Good luck, AMD.

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