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Mac OS X We all know about PsyStar, the company that sells an unofficial Macintosh clone running Mac OS X Leopard. While the device runs Leopard fine, it has its shortcomings in that operating system updates have to go through PsyStar testing first, becuase they might break your installation. While this problem isn't addressed with this product, EFiX aims to simplify installing Mac OS X Leopard on your non-Apple machine.
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You must be speaking of a high end PC system, yes I've built many. Were you prematurely dismissing my comment of OS X running on a 680i? Or the fact that doing so isn't recommended. And my comments do not apply outside of running OS X on a Vanilla flavour PC.

Since this article is about that, not about the quality of PC hardware vs Mac hardware.

Hi nice to meet you I'm guessing your the resident troll around here?

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