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Internet Explorer "Internet Explorer 8 is set to be Microsoft's most standards compliant browser ever. After originally stating that IE8 would default to the same non-compliant behavior exhibited by IE7, Microsoft relented and plumped for standard-by-default. The first beta of IE8 was released in March and it did indeed default to standards compliance. Web developers have been clamouring for standards compliance for a long time; IE is a long way behind the competition, requiring considerable hacks and workarounds to get pages working properly. IE8 should make things a lot better - but it will still fall far short of the standards set by Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Some of these problems are technical, but others are cultural. Where the other browser developers are open and communicative, Microsoft is still leaving web developers in the dark."
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I think you're using a computer that is so fast that you can't feel the slowness, or that you're biaised.

A simple test using

REM ---------------------------
stopwatch start > ff

"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" "C:\Documents and Settings\manuel.VAIO\Bureau\index.cfm.html"

stopwatch stop >> ff
stopwatch start > ie

"C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" "C:\Documents and Settings\manuel.VAIO\Bureau\index.cfm.html"

stopwatch start >> ie
REM ---------------------------

All programs closed. I click on File/close asap.

I've repeated the test 5 times.

So to load , print the page and close itself it took :

IE : 4s
FF : 24s

I would be happy to have a graph with cpu load too, cause my computer hangs with FF too.

To increase the effect just multiply the number of "select".

This is really strange behavior you have. I have just tried using the command prompt. Now I had both IE7 and Firefox already open (as I normally would have a browser open all day, and also to remove startup time from what you believe is a parsing/html handling issue) and then launched the file via firefox (3 RC2), IE7, Opera 9.27 and Safari 3.1.

First thing I noticed was that IE7 and Safari opened new windows while Opera and FireFox new Tabs.

Based on my watches second hand:
Safari < 2 secs
Firefox 2-3 secs
Opera 4-5 secs
IE7 >20 secs

Seems IE sits in 'Connecting' mode for ages, not sure if my setup has a call to base before loaded the page or what but it was really slow.

I would be interested to see what other people are getting. BTW what does StopWatch the program measure, because I did notice that IE7 returned to the command prompt very quickly after being called, but the page was not rendered for a considerable time after that.

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