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AMD AMD has seen a few serious setbacks lately, especially with their Barcelona server processor, but it seems as if the company is trying hard to get things back on track. The first step in solving an issue is acknowledging it exists in the first place, and AMD CEO Hector Ruiz did just that last December. "We blew it and we're very humbled by it and we learned from it and we're not going to do it again." Reseller Advocate Magazine asks, are you ready to believe him?
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RE[2]: dont underestimate AMD
by Redeeman on Tue 17th Jun 2008 12:01 UTC in reply to "RE: dont underestimate AMD"
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Here on planet earth, under similar conditions (same ISA, system, OS, configuration and optimization flags) there is no way a wider CPU, with better OOO scheduler, more aggressive branch predictor, larger caches, and which is running almost 25% faster clock cycle performs wors.

Unless AMD has some sort of pixie dust which breaks the rules of physics, or you are simply making stuff up.

I invite you to actually test yourself.

instead of your nice little pixie dust remarks, maybe you should.. i dont know... KNOW SOMETHING about what you are saying?

its really quite simple, for the code gcc generates for openssl, amd is superior, and as for gmp, the standard x86_64 implementation on AMD, beats the crap out of a special core2 asm hacky version, on core2.

Again, test it for yourself, then you will see.. And if you come here claim otherwise, then we will all simply know that you couldnt admit to being wrong..

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