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Mozilla & Gecko clones Any minute now, the Mozilla Foundation will officially release the third incarnation of their successful Firefox web browser - the browser that cracked Internet Explorer's monopoly and forced Microsoft to improve IE. Mozilla aims to set a world record in most software downloaded in 24 hours with Firefox 3. Update: It's out there, boys and girls. Update II: And the Firefox 3 page is up too.
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Claims of innovation
by sappyvcv on Tue 17th Jun 2008 15:08 UTC
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While I really like a lot of what they've done with FF3, the marketing speak from Mozilla is rather obnoxious.

[quote]Firefox 3 sets the innovation bar very high with exciting new features, including one-click bookmarking, the smart location bar and lightning fast performance.[/quote]

One-click bookmarking and smart location bar are not innovations anymore. "Fast" performance is never an innovation.

I really wished Mozilla was better than that.

They did set the bar high as far as quality of features and User Experience goes, so why not focus on that instead of the obnoxious marketing speak?

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