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AMD AMD has seen a few serious setbacks lately, especially with their Barcelona server processor, but it seems as if the company is trying hard to get things back on track. The first step in solving an issue is acknowledging it exists in the first place, and AMD CEO Hector Ruiz did just that last December. "We blew it and we're very humbled by it and we learned from it and we're not going to do it again." Reseller Advocate Magazine asks, are you ready to believe him?
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Flatland Spider,

Well, you have a point. Some Ferrari fans who can't afford them buy Fiats because of the connection. Many people love Valentino Rossi, but end up buying a Fazer instead of Yamaha's flagship R1....

But most consumers purchase based on needs. They tend to buy what they want/need without caring about the cutting-edge, top of the line, halo products.

AMD have always been at a disadvantage compared to Intel - money wise. But they've also shot themselves in the foot quite a bit recently. Smaller companies succeed because they find room to maneuver in the marketplace and create/fill niches based on the current economic climate. Granted, AMD ain't 'small' but they can be more flexible than Intel because they have less to lose. Besides, wouldn't it be cheaper to focus your R&D on slightly slower, cooler CPUs than multicore performance-oriented beasts.

Try to recall the Honda story back in the 50s/60s. If you rode a bike (Harley, Triumph) then, you'd be branded a thug, renegade or junkie. Honda released it's cub which appealed to college students, housewives and even execs. It revolutionized the motorcycle market, but none of the buyer's back then knew of Honda's multiple Isle of Mann victories or they didn't care.

Just my 2 cents.

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