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Hardware, Embedded Systems As we all know by now, the Asus Eee PC has been a massive success for Asus. While that's really nice for the men and women working at Asus, us operating system enthusiasts like the device for another reason: it came pre-loaded with something else than Windows, which creates awareness of alternatives among the public, which in turn helps to diversify the operating system marketplace - something we all want. While the new Eee PC can be pre-loaded with Windows, the Linux version is still there. El Reg takes a look at the Linux version of the new Eee PC 901.
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I would love such a beast! I have been reluctant to enter the eeepc market the majority of what I would use it for I can do from my Nokia N800. Having the option of more ram and multicore right out of the gate might be the excuse I need to give myself for why I need to join eee ownership.

Wonder if anyone is capable of releasing a dual-Atom version with maybe double the RAM and better battery, but with same size and weight (or less)..... That would really be my cup-o-tea.... but if it cost the same as a Macbook Airhole, forget it.

Getting back to reality, I'm still waiting for more manufacturers to jump on the bandwagon. Hopefully the Japanese companies like Fujitsu and NEC.

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