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OSNews, Generic OSes I took them 15 years. During those years, the project grew from something that didn't work, to something that sometimes under special circumstances could maybe perhaps work, to something that sometimes just worked, all the way to something that works in a number of pre-defined cases. You won't believe it, but Wine 1.0 is here.
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RE: Not to spoil their party
by miles on Wed 18th Jun 2008 08:55 UTC in reply to "Not to spoil their party"
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The copy-protected games that use Steam works. Even though some people didn't like Steam years ago, most people now enjoy the service, whereas nobody ever enjoyed the copy protection - so it's a big plus for gaming.

If you want to try games without hassle, use playonlinux. Easy as pie, and you get FAR more than 1 game to run ;)

And most non-game apps I try works easily. It's become a surprise when something doesn't work, when it was the other way around a few years ago.

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