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Hardware, Embedded Systems As we all know by now, the Asus Eee PC has been a massive success for Asus. While that's really nice for the men and women working at Asus, us operating system enthusiasts like the device for another reason: it came pre-loaded with something else than Windows, which creates awareness of alternatives among the public, which in turn helps to diversify the operating system marketplace - something we all want. While the new Eee PC can be pre-loaded with Windows, the Linux version is still there. El Reg takes a look at the Linux version of the new Eee PC 901.
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RE: Still too few pixels
by gavin.mccord on Wed 18th Jun 2008 10:22 UTC in reply to "Still too few pixels"
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You could use a scrolling virtual desktop, a feature of X that's been around as long as I can remember. It was pretty much a necessity when I used my crappy 14" CRT monitor at 640x480 (it could do 800x600 provided you didn't mind the nausea and headaches that came with low refresh rates).

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