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Linux For years now we have heard about Linux on the desktop and its need to make a concerted effort to illustrate its value to the end user and whatnot. The point of it all being is that if we expect Linux to become a household name, we must find away to get it into the minds of the typical user, like we have seen with Windows.
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by gan17 on Wed 18th Jun 2008 18:35 UTC
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I actually like the fact there are hundreds of Linux distros on the market.

I'm new to Linux and have only tried a handful, but it's nice to know there are choices for different needs.

IMHO, Linux cannot succeed by itself, for desktop use at least. Hardware manufacturer's and companies that make proprietary stuff (Adobe..etc) have to lend support as well.... but as long as Microcrap is around, waving it's checkbook and threatening manufacturers to backtrack on Open Source support (eg:Asus), Linux will face a tough battle.

Well, the rebellion did beat the evil empire in that famous trilogy (forgot the title) , so there's always hope. Maybe Google will lend Linux more help in future.

Who knows, in the future, just as Linux is about to overtake Microcrap in market share, Steve Ballmer may come up to Linus Torvalds and use the "I am your Father" line... just before chopping off Linus' USB cords.

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