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Linux For years now we have heard about Linux on the desktop and its need to make a concerted effort to illustrate its value to the end user and whatnot. The point of it all being is that if we expect Linux to become a household name, we must find away to get it into the minds of the typical user, like we have seen with Windows.
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RE: Marketing.
by stabbyjones on Wed 18th Jun 2008 22:59 UTC in reply to "Marketing."
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it says the cult of mac is doing it's job. ;)

but in all seriousness it is all about marketing and putting linux in the face of consumers.

people have 'heard' about linux but because they only hear about it from people working in IT it turns them off. it really isn't that hard to pick up and use linux it's just that there is a complete user cluelessness about it in every way.

That and games, the one thing that kept me from full time linux for the longest amount of time was running games. in fact i still have a partition on a hard drive somewhere with vista on it, just in case a decent game comes along that isn't on my 360.

If Wine can make an easy way to install the DLL's from a product install or at least try and explain this when installing a program that would help a lot.

Wine works 1000% better than when i first started but to anyone who has never used linux before telling tham you can install some of their windows programs on linux is just going to frustrate them when they don't know how to add dll's.

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