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Apple Why didn't Jobs, ever the maverick, opt for the scrappy challenger, Advanced Micro Devices, instead of the old-money establishment, Intel? The reason, industry analysts say, is that Jobs has a clear goal in mind: innovative designs. And such designs require the lowest-voltage chips, which IBM and Freescale were not going to make with the PowerPC chip core - and which AMD has not yet perfected.
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Turion is NOT a platform....
by yokem55 on Thu 15th Sep 2005 22:03 UTC
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As much as I like AMD chips on the desktop, the 25 watt Turions (which are extraordinarily rare) tend to use more power than the comparable PM's. That 25 watt figure is actually a max figure, not an average, and Intel's average wattage tends to be lower than AMD's. Also, AMD is still dependent on other system chipsets from nvidia et al that aren't as power efficient as Intel's system chipsets.

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