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Humor You'd think this headline was a joke, but sadly, it's not. It's the real headline of an article posted on in the blogs section. The core of the story is that a man couldn't get his printer to work with Windows Vista, and ultimately, with the help of a Microsoft test manager, solved the problem warranting a follow-up article. The comedy here, of course, is in reading what went wrong and wrapping your brain around why engineers didn't forsee such a thing happening.
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RE: To make lame story short
by stabbyjones on Thu 19th Jun 2008 03:18 UTC in reply to "To make lame story short"
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Has a printer driver ever been good? there are a few categories;

mostly works.
sometimes works.
will work but will keep randomly break the queue.
requires zen-like restart skills.
disappears randomly from the dimension.

you really do get what you pay for with printers.

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