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Humor You'd think this headline was a joke, but sadly, it's not. It's the real headline of an article posted on in the blogs section. The core of the story is that a man couldn't get his printer to work with Windows Vista, and ultimately, with the help of a Microsoft test manager, solved the problem warranting a follow-up article. The comedy here, of course, is in reading what went wrong and wrapping your brain around why engineers didn't forsee such a thing happening.
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Having drivers on the device wouldn't help this guy, since his printer would never have had vista drivers on it in the first place.

On the other hand, Cups has the right idea... The print server has drivers, it accepts postscript data over the network, converts it to whatever the printer needs and prints it.
So how about a cups compatible print server built right in? Then you could plug the printer in to the network and have it work out of the box without requiring any drivers.
My printer at home does that, as do the printers at work, i can move between the two seamlessly and have never bothered installing any drivers on my laptop.

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