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SuSE, openSUSE A new major release of Novell's community-supported distro openSUSE 11 is now available and can be downloaded from the mirrors. Linux Format has a hands-on look at the new installer, SLAB menu and Compiz Fusion, and weighs up whether the distro can fight competition from Ubuntu and Fedora. Is this the start of a new era for SUSE?
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RE[3]: Why so big??
by kaiwai on Thu 19th Jun 2008 16:56 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Why so big??"
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Sorry, I didn't consider Fedora, probably because I haven't used it either. I currently run Ubuntu and Vector Linux. I've also tried PCLinuxOS and the new PC/OS 2008. The biggest of these is around ~1GB.

I'm not bashing OpenSUSE, I just want to know what is contained within.

SuSE has always been the 'kitchen sink' distribution. As far back as I remember, SuSE was always sold with over 6cds with lots of applications. I guess it was one of those things they could leverage over other distributions.

Why do they continue it now there is a trend towards single strip down cd's, and use of the internet? I assume that the dvd is still quite useful for those who wish to give out free dvd's in countries where internet connectivity is unreliable.

As for why you were moderated down? there is alot of inter-distribution rivalries, so I guess your comment could have been viewed by some as being an attack on OpenSuSE - that, and the fact that if you wanted to see what was on the dvd - a list of the packages on the dvd is actually listed on their website.

For the record, I didn't mark you down - I don't do that sort of thing, no matter how irritating the post or the poster may be.

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