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Internet & Networking While the history of wireless computer networks dates back to the 1970 with the University of Hawaii's ALOHAnet (I wish we retained that name instead of 802.11x), it has only been during the past, say, 10 years that the technology started to make serious inroads into the consumer market - your home. The latest and greatest variant is 802.11n, and while promoted as the best thing since sliced bread, Frank Ohlhorst has his reservations, and debunks 5 myths concerning 802.11n.
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get off my lawn
by stabbyjones on Thu 19th Jun 2008 22:40 UTC
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you can pry my cat5 cable's from my cold dead hands! i've said it before and i'll say it again. wireless will never be better than a cable.

call me when wireless can do cat6 speeds and then maybe i'll think about.

until then a cable will always be faster, more stable, more secure physically AND with data, minimal fuss to set up for less cash.

wireless gets a fail in every way compared to cables.

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