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SuSE, openSUSE A new major release of Novell's community-supported distro openSUSE 11 is now available and can be downloaded from the mirrors. Linux Format has a hands-on look at the new installer, SLAB menu and Compiz Fusion, and weighs up whether the distro can fight competition from Ubuntu and Fedora. Is this the start of a new era for SUSE?
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Has anyone installed this on a notebook? Every distro I have tried has had issues on my Thinkpad x61, most of which can be resolved after quite a bit of googling and tweaking. I'm hoping OpenSUSE 11 will deal better with mainstream notebook hardware.

I have noticed some 64bit distro versions (Fedora & Ubuntu) are more stable on the x61 than the corresponding 32bit builds, and don't have issues with, for example, lockups on boot with ACPI. The only exception was VectorLinux 32bit which ran fine. I'll give the 64bit OpenSUSE build a go first.

I see you have a Thinkpad x61 - have updated your BIOS? alot of ACPI related issues can be resolved by updating the BIOS given that these bugs are fixed on a regular basis.

With that being said, its surprising you're having problems given that Solaris, Ubuntu and Fedora had no problems with my Thinkpad t61p.

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