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Mozilla & Gecko clones I've seen superlative after superlative concerning the release of Firefox 3.0, and in all honesty, it is making my stomach ache. Yes, Firefox 3.0 is a great release. It has a slicker interface (the UI on Vista looks quite pretty) and the use of native widgets in Linux is a very, very welcome addition. On top of that, it actually delivers what I was craving for the most from my favourite Windows web browser: much improved performance. But does Firefox 3.0 change the web, or alter the way we use the intertubes?
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My argument would be that it looks like crap in KDE with the same settings that FF2 looked OK with. I don't really care much since I use firefox as a backup for when konqueror doesn't render a page correctly, but the FF3 UI definitely looks bad on both linux boxen I have it installed on. Looks fine on windows XP where FF is my browser of choice, though.

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