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Mozilla & Gecko clones I've seen superlative after superlative concerning the release of Firefox 3.0, and in all honesty, it is making my stomach ache. Yes, Firefox 3.0 is a great release. It has a slicker interface (the UI on Vista looks quite pretty) and the use of native widgets in Linux is a very, very welcome addition. On top of that, it actually delivers what I was craving for the most from my favourite Windows web browser: much improved performance. But does Firefox 3.0 change the web, or alter the way we use the intertubes?
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RE[2]: As a developer...
by tyrione on Sun 22nd Jun 2008 10:03 UTC in reply to "RE: As a developer..."
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not as good as webkit, but better then ie.

as a developer too though, the reason i use it is because of firebug. i dont know if i could do web work without it anymore, and don't like to look back on the dark days before it

As someone else who enjoys WebKit it's getting quite frustrating that not only is CSS 2.1 not consistently supported between IE, Firefox, Safari, Konqueror, Opera, but that CSS3 and Javascript vary as well.

With HTML 5 and XHTML 2.0 arriving let's hope they get at least HTML 5 used without all the custom tags that work only for this or that engineitis resolved.

The main reason I see WebKit becoming the leader is for the projects strive to clean up the lack of finished standards support and for making sensible solutions for HTML 5 and beyond. Not to mention the sheer toolkits now porting Webkit to hook into their various toolkits from wxWidgets, Qt, Cocoa, Win32 and GTK+ it just really is forcing Gecko and IE to improve in order to be at the forefront.

It should be a win/win for developers and consumers.

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