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Amiga & AROS A new version of this AROS distribution has been released. VmwAROS is available in two flavours: a virtual environment for VMware, and a live-cd that runs on top of real hardware, which can be installed on the hard drive as any other operating system. This new version includes lots of new games and applications for AROS, includes a complete C, C++ environment and E interpreter, and fixes an annoying compatibility problem that plagues current nightly builds on some hardware, by using a second "emergency" kernel. Users who couldn't boot the 0.7 versions should try this new one.
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Kragil: and what prevents you from booting VmwAROS LIVE! on VirtualBox or Qemu, and installing it as it was on a real PC? The emergency mode kernel should work: if it doesn't work... well, you have the answer to "why people still prefers VMware": because it works as expected.

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