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SuSE, openSUSE openSUSE 11.0 is one of the most anticipated Linux distribution releases of recent times. The openSUSE team released version 11.0 yesterday, and it comes with the latest KDE4, GNOME, kernel, all the usual latest and greatest. In addition, it carries a few new Compiz Fusion plugins, improved package management (still a weak spot for openSUSE), and a brand new front-end to the installer. Reviews are starting to trickle in, and they are almost exclusively positive.
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Good and Bad
by lakerssuperman on Sun 22nd Jun 2008 23:49 UTC
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I currently use Ubuntu but I am always on the lookout for what the other major distros are doing. Opensuse does a number of things very well. It has a very unified and polished feel to it. I am particularly impressed with how vastly improved package management has become. Software is very easy to install and the repos have a huge selection of programs to install. My biggest problems so far during my casual use are 1)I have become fond of the Ubuntu restricted driver manager and how much it simplifies setup. I had to manually install the Nvidia driver because the one from the repos failed to load the kernel module. I looked on the Suse forums and there seems to be a bug in the Nvidia repo driver right now. Also I had to manually install wifi drivers on my laptop which is not that difficult for users with knowledge of linux, but is certainly something that would derail less experienced users. With all that being said, I am extremely impressed by this release and will be watching it very carefully in the future.

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