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Mozilla & Gecko clones I've seen superlative after superlative concerning the release of Firefox 3.0, and in all honesty, it is making my stomach ache. Yes, Firefox 3.0 is a great release. It has a slicker interface (the UI on Vista looks quite pretty) and the use of native widgets in Linux is a very, very welcome addition. On top of that, it actually delivers what I was craving for the most from my favourite Windows web browser: much improved performance. But does Firefox 3.0 change the web, or alter the way we use the intertubes?
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Check your memory usage. Right now, on XP, it is using my 56MB memory with just one tab open...
And as always, default install have all security problems intact, I mean not clearing private data, cookies, still remembering all pw. Clearing private data and anti phishing must be default feature, so that majority of population will be safe. and at least it will be different from IE...

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