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NetBSD Alistair Crooks, president of the NetBSD Foundation, announced recently that it "has changed its recommended license to be a 2 clause BSD license". This makes NetBSD more easily available to a number of organisations and individuals who may have been put off by the advertising or endorsement clauses.
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A long awaited move
by quique on Mon 23rd Jun 2008 16:24 UTC
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I certainly welcome this move by the NetBSD Foundation.

William Hoskins, the director of the office of technology licensing for Berkeley, removed the obnoxious BSD advertising clause in 1999, in response to a request from Richard Stallman himself. FreeBSD and OpenBSD followed suit.

This clause made the BSD license incompatible with the GNU GPL, which caused problems for a number of projects. See for instance
I guess its removal will also ease the cross-pollination with other BSD systems.

It's pretty nice seeing that all the code which was contributed to the NetBSD Foundation has been modified to use the new 2-clause NetBSD license.

In 2005, I counted NetBSD required about 240(!) acknowledgments. Does anyone know much of the NetBSD codebase has been contributed to the Foundation and how much is still subject to this annoying clause?

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