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Apple PsyStar introduced its Mac clone to much media attention back in April, causing many discussions about the company's legal status, the validity of the Mac OS X EULA, and even PsyStar's very existence. It soon turned out PsyStar was a real company, and was actually shipping the OpenComputer Mac Clone to its customers, to generally rather favourable reviews - not stellar of course, but acceptable, with the biggest downside being the inability to use the Software Update tool, forcing users to download OS updates straight from PsyStar's servers - to prevent updates from Apple hosing the OpenComputer. We're a few months later now, and a few things have changed.
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RE: Easy way for Apple
by M-Saunders on Tue 24th Jun 2008 08:24 UTC in reply to "Easy way for Apple"
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The easy way for Apple to progress forward and benefit is to open up their platform to competition

You're right -- because they're doing so badly otherwise :-)

Seriously though, I don't get it when people say "Apple needs to do this" or "Apple should do that". As I understand it, the company is selling more Macs than ever, so there's no way that letting OS X loose on generic white-box hardware will happen.

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