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OSNews, Generic OSes InfoWorld's Randall Kennedy reviews Hyper-V RC1, and though he finds the Windows Server hypervisor lacking the sophistication of VI3, the company's try and try-again attitude might help the company in gain an advantage over VMware. "For many shops, Hyper-V will prove to be plenty good enough, allowing Microsoft to begin eating away at VMware's market share while preparing the next-generation product for the final assault that topples the leader."
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by Javier O. Augusto on Tue 24th Jun 2008 16:54 UTC
Javier O. Augusto
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Excuse me, but I can't imagine a production server running hyper-v + antivirus + antispyware + antimalware +antiwhatever for virtual appliances.

I'm serious, i don't get that picture, in fact, I don't get any MS pictures at all.. and I am no freesoftware zealot.

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