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Internet & Networking has a review of Opera 9.5, which also includes various benchmarks for Opera, Firefox, Safari, and IE on both Windows and Linux. Linuxcom concludes: "Opera 9.5 is full to the brim with features and improvements and highly customizable. By rolling in apps such as the mail client and IRC chat application, and integrating them into a user's browsing experience, Opera 9.5 is a worthy challenger to Firefox 3. It surely has enough power and features to make it my favorite browser. If only it were free software and open source!"
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Comment by leo_
by leo_ on Wed 25th Jun 2008 07:26 UTC
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It's the Opera license that's the hang-up here.

Seeing some distros (for ex., Debian) created their own version of Firefox which basically just had a different name/logo, just because the "Firefox" logo has been deposed tend to prove this is not a problem ;)
They *are* close minded... and that's the problem...
Getting a permission from Opera to include Opera wouldn't be a problem. Only Amiga refuses to distribute their own software... Other companies are not that stupid ;)

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