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Hardware, Embedded Systems One button, two buttons, three buttons, ten million buttons. Beige, black, white, red with polka dots. Glow-in-the-dark, see through. Right-handed, left-handed, both. Vertical for RSI patients, trackballs for weirdoes like myself, Apple's puck mouse for sado-masochists. The ubiquitous mouse comes in all possible shapes, forms, sizes, and colours, but according to our friend The Analyst, the glorious age of the mouse is coming to and end. Do we believe The Analyst?
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RE: Real alternatives?
by Glynser on Wed 25th Jun 2008 10:48 UTC in reply to "Real alternatives?"
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For general and precise pointing, there's no questioning: the winner is still the mouse, but I wish I could use something that doesn't require moving the hands off the keyboard entirely. I thought about a tablet, but switching surfaces constantly between the keyboard and the tablet isn't a solution either.

Have you tried a trackpoint? It's available on IBM ThinkPad laptops, and there are even ordinary keyboards that also have them. It's a really cool mouse alternative once you got used to it, and you don't need to take the hands off your keyboard. In my opinion, it beats every touchpad and every trackball. And for some situations, it even beats my mouse ;)

EDIT: Just for the case that you don't know what I'm talking about:
It's the red spot in the middle. It can be compared to a nipple ;) and you just have to push it a bit with your fingertip. You don't need to "re-wheel" or something, it's more like a very tiny analog joystick.

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