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3D News, GL, DirectX Yesterday, we reported on the statement several kernel developers had signed that urged hardware manufacturers to open up their Linux modules and drivers. "We, the undersigned Linux kernel developers, consider any closed-source Linux kernel module or driver to be harmful and undesirable," the statement read. Nvidia, which delivers probably the most prominent closed-source Linux driver, has reiterated its position concerning this matter.
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You realize that most drivers for Xorg are MIT licenced right? I think an MIT licenced driver would definitely fit into Haiku.

People are asking the wrong thing of Nvidia, their source is their own.. AMD isn't releasing their drivers source, what everyone should have been asking is for the release of DOCUMENTATION. (But no, Linux developers are lame code seeking monkeys..)

Good documentation is far better then an OSS driver, at least it would allow people to write their own driver for their own OS under their own licence.

That is all.

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