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Windows We already know some of the directions Windows 7 will be exploring: a system-wide multitouch user interface framework, a focus on performance, all while building on top of the groundwork Windows Vista has laid out. While off-hand remarks have been made concerning the operating system's release date, it appears Microsoft now formalised the release date of Windows 7.
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RE: Lacking direction
by Flatland_Spider on Wed 25th Jun 2008 14:32 UTC in reply to "Lacking direction"
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You're pretty much on point, to borrow a phrase from another forum.

2) Attention to detail is not a strong point MS. Attention to detail really is the mark of quality. It shows the company loves their product, and has an expertise in their field. Apple excels at this, and they are rewarded with legions of fanbois and increasing market share.

The Windows command line was never updated to fit into the object oriented nature of Windows. Powershell is a rewrite of the Windows command line that solves the problem. People disparage Powershell for being more of a scripting language then command line, but that's kind of the point.

I still don't see why a user needs to see the file structure anyway. Administration and repair sure, but day to day operations, not so much. I should be able to set rules, and my files would get sorted out automatically.

3) When I hear people say that their 4 socket, 16 processor, 100 GB of RAM, quad SLi desktop will be the norm someday, it makes me want to throttle them. That's not what I have now, it's not what most people I know currently have, and I don't know anyone who is thinking about upgrading to that.

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