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Internet & Networking The resource usage of browsers is an important aspect in modern-day computing, because the browser is taking on an ever more important role in day-to-day computing tasks. Hence, it may come as no surprise that many complaints regarding browsers are not about rendering speed or rendering quality, but about resource usage. Dot Net Perls ran an interesting benchmark on Windows Vista SP1, comparing 5 browsers to each other.
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by sappyvcv on Wed 25th Jun 2008 17:58 UTC
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Opera seems like a happy medium. With 3GB of memory, I would hope my browser would be willing to utilize ~5-10% of it during a 3-hour browse session. The higher memory usage can translate to improve performance when its still below a certain threshold.

FF3 using 100-120mb makes me wonder what it sacrifices to obtain that. Does it aggressively return stuff to memory resulting in lost performance while that memory has to be relocated or calculations/routines have to be re-performed?

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