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Internet & Networking has a review of Opera 9.5, which also includes various benchmarks for Opera, Firefox, Safari, and IE on both Windows and Linux. Linuxcom concludes: "Opera 9.5 is full to the brim with features and improvements and highly customizable. By rolling in apps such as the mail client and IRC chat application, and integrating them into a user's browsing experience, Opera 9.5 is a worthy challenger to Firefox 3. It surely has enough power and features to make it my favorite browser. If only it were free software and open source!"
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Adware while annoying is entirely different to malware or spyware. It was up front with the mechanism used and what was sent where and when.

Of course at the time I remember the great big pile of FUD spread about them then too by F/OSS supporters and it's just ridiculous to see it still going.

Because it had ads who knows what else is going on there?

Program Evangelising by Chicken Littlism. Ridiculous.

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