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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y A Computerworld blog post reads: "You gotta love it. Microsoft has decided that it will ho ahead and kill off easy access to XP on June 30th. On behalf of desktop Linux users everywhere, and our first cousins, the Mac fans, thanks. You've given us the best shot we'll ever have of taking the desktop."
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RE[2]: I want some
by google_ninja on Wed 25th Jun 2008 23:32 UTC in reply to "RE: I want some"
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I had some performance problems with a computer that runs XP quite fast, then it started locking up out of the blue - and that with official Vista drivers for all my hardware. Then some of my applications that work fine in XP were acting up in Vista. That was the final straw.

A few pointers (from someone whose vista runs smoother then xp ever did)

Do not even bother trying to run it on old hardware. Wait until you do a big machine upgrade. A big thing to keep in mind is HD speed, as vista is very I/O happy due to its caching and indexing, and a slow hard drive will bring it to its knees.

If you tried it early on, give it another shot. SP1 fixed most of the problems people had. Unfortunately, it hasn't done much for perception.

I doesn't offer anything compelling, it costs money to upgrade from XP, then it costs some more to upgrade your hardware, and then even some more to get the latest versions of the apps you use whether you need them or not, and for what? For Flip3D? Please ...

I am an OS fan, and have never really liked windows much. Vista is the first os they have ever put out that hasn't made me cringe using it. It is far from my favorite out of what is available, but it is defiantly my favorite (consumer) os MS has ever put out.

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