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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y A Computerworld blog post reads: "You gotta love it. Microsoft has decided that it will ho ahead and kill off easy access to XP on June 30th. On behalf of desktop Linux users everywhere, and our first cousins, the Mac fans, thanks. You've given us the best shot we'll ever have of taking the desktop."
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And I thought this was a Tech Site?
by blitze on Wed 25th Jun 2008 23:34 UTC
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Given the amount of "I.T. Savy" people on here, I would have thought a few of you would know how to set up a Windows based OS. Obviously not.

Vista works - is fairly simple and very stable.
Vista doesn't leak memory like OS-X does forcing the user to have to power down and switch on. It runs legacy apps well, has a fairly pleasing user interface unlike Windows XP and it runs a lot of software that people use for their businesses unlike Linux.

Very happy to see Linux inroads but the Vista bashing and ignorance here is astounding for a bunch of tech heads.

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