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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y A Computerworld blog post reads: "You gotta love it. Microsoft has decided that it will ho ahead and kill off easy access to XP on June 30th. On behalf of desktop Linux users everywhere, and our first cousins, the Mac fans, thanks. You've given us the best shot we'll ever have of taking the desktop."
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RE[3]: Comment by Redeeman
by Moulinneuf on Thu 26th Jun 2008 00:34 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Redeeman"
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I am invoking the Microsoft astroturfer laws agaisnt you :

"99% of the market"

Sure if you enter the Microsoft bubble of ignorance , put your hand on your hears and start chanting " La la la la la la can't hear you".

The most used OS is still GNU/Linux worldwide , Before you quack start saying no there is more Chinese , Hindou and Africans , Brazilian , Columbian , Russian then the rest of the planet put together , followed by windows 2000 in business. Followed by XP in customer market. You also have Apple to account for and last but not least as they are very vocal the BSD's with there 0.5%.

Your high end laptop example from HP with Vista is not even 0.01% of the market ...

What make the netbook category special is it's a new category , not just new offers.

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