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Windows We already know some of the directions Windows 7 will be exploring: a system-wide multitouch user interface framework, a focus on performance, all while building on top of the groundwork Windows Vista has laid out. While off-hand remarks have been made concerning the operating system's release date, it appears Microsoft now formalised the release date of Windows 7.
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RE[2]: Lacking direction
by kaiwai on Thu 26th Jun 2008 00:54 UTC in reply to "RE: Lacking direction"
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A good operating system should not require you to use the command line. Period.

I never said that everything should be done via command line; I implicitly stated that I wantd the UI and command line to be equal in attention which Microsoft developers give it. How you lept from what I said, an improved command line, and then claiming I said everything should be done via command line - I can work out how you made basically you did a strawman - a misrepresentation of what I said.

I don't expect a reply. Its typical around here to 'comment' and 'run' rather than enter into some sort of conversation.

KDE isn't perfect, whilst I like KDE, it's UI can, and needs to be, improved upon.

Again, I never said it was perfect. You are replying to ME, address the issues *I* raised. If you want to create a whole new line of conversation, then create new thread.

It does seem fashionable to be a Microsoft basher these days.

And it seems fashionable for people like you to parade around claiming to be the 'impartial observer'. Who is bashing Microsoft?

I'm sorry, as soon as you use the words 'hater' and 'basher' and other pejoratives, you've lost the argument before you even have started. So please, don't even try to argue your case until you drop those immature and pathetically childish words which have the equivalence of "stop being so mean to me!"

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