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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y A Computerworld blog post reads: "You gotta love it. Microsoft has decided that it will ho ahead and kill off easy access to XP on June 30th. On behalf of desktop Linux users everywhere, and our first cousins, the Mac fans, thanks. You've given us the best shot we'll ever have of taking the desktop."
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originally i moved to linux, because of all the negative things i was hearing about vista.. i moved to linux from XP, because i figured xp was my last microsoft os. i used ubuntu for 2 years. my new computer came with vista, I played with it for a day. and then formatted it, but it left me with such a positive impression that i just decided to try vista again. And i just stuck with it.. it's just easier, games work better in it. the graphics are good.. it's stable. games just work on it. you don't have to try to configure minor things. like your monitor resolution. or mouse buttons. it's a nice system. much cleaner and more elegant than xp. the sleep mode rocks, i have never had a computer actually work well with power saving features till this vista computer. and it uses the sleep mode not simple suspend to ram. system wide searching. there's a lot of nice new features. Before writing it off, you should give it a try.

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