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Windows We already know some of the directions Windows 7 will be exploring: a system-wide multitouch user interface framework, a focus on performance, all while building on top of the groundwork Windows Vista has laid out. While off-hand remarks have been made concerning the operating system's release date, it appears Microsoft now formalised the release date of Windows 7.
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RE[4]: Lacking direction
by kaiwai on Thu 26th Jun 2008 03:56 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Lacking direction"
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I only have to look at the large number of joyously happy posts in a variety of threads that seemingly bash Microsoft for the smallest of sins, but largely ignore Linux and BSDs many failings. Convenient? You bet.

I've been using Vista for a month now, and it's great. Whilst DOS isn't that great, it's not that bad either. It does the job, and does it well enough to be without any major issues. Sure, it could be redesigned, but is it worth it? For the small percentage of people who use it, for a small percentage of the time, is it worth it? I doubt it. 99.9999999% of Windows users use the GUI, and probably for 99.999999% of the time. There is far less of a need for Windows to drop to a command line than other operating systems.


And you assume that EVERY user in the world who uses Windows is a Joe Home user such as yourself - and you call me naive!

You obviously haven't worked out the work that Microsoft has done to improve the ability to control things via the command line in the latest version of their server release.

There is demand out there, specifically from people whose money is actually worth a damn to Microsoft - not dinky little home users such as yourself.

As for the short comings of Windows versus *NIX; there is a HUGE difference sunshine. The short comings of *NIX can be worked around by reading a book and expanding ones knowledge or waiting till a user friendly front end is made. The shorting comings of Windows are an issue of fundamental architectural design flaws that can only be corrected if one has the source code - unless you know of a place where one can obtain this said source code, may I suggest that silence from you is the best course of action.

There is a MASSIVE difference between the short comings of both operating systems; and I'm sorry, I'd sooner spend 20minutes reading a book and learning, than sitting at my desk, throwing up my hands and say, "I am at the mercy of Microsoft".

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