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Windows We're really on the subject of software installation issues on OSNews lately, and this story, making its rounds on the internet, fits in quite well. Back in the day, during the antitrust lawsuits against Microsoft, Microsoft had to make a whole slew of corporate email public. In light of Gates' imminent withdrawal from Microsoft, SeattlePI dug up a little gem among these emails, one in which Bill Gates goes on a full-blown rant about the difficulties he had trying to download and install Windows MovieMaker, back in 2003.
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by Windows Sucks on Thu 26th Jun 2008 11:44 UTC
Windows Sucks
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I hate Windows for the most part, it has its place (Not in my house but other places) but I do Windows support for a living because all that spyware that needs removin pays well!

The one problem I have above ALL others is finding patches on

First off I want to shoot the damn site for poppin up "Install Silverlight" On every damn page you go to. If I wanted Silverlight I would of installed it when I went to I don't need it 10 layers into the site!

The next thing is the inconsistant way they label patches and the 50 different ways you can install them. Some are MSI's, some EXE's some can be installed silent, some not. Some force reboot, some require reboot but dont force it. And the kicker is having 5 different patches for different applications under the same damn KB number. GURRRRRR. For example there is a patch MS08-026 It applies to problems in Office. So we have Office 2003 SP2 at my site. I download the patch, install it and all is well. A couple of months later I add the Office 2007 compatability pack to our standard image. Go to Microsoft update, install all updates, all is well. I request a security scan of the image from our Sec Ops group and low and behold MS08-026 comes up missing and is a major security risk.

So I check add and remove programs, it's there. I check the registry, it's there. I check with Sec Ops and I find out that there is another patch with a different KB number but the same MS number. Even though this patch is not on the primary download page for MS08-026, even though for the compat pack it says this patch is not needed, there is a patch for the compat pack that has the same MS number but different KB number.

The point is that #1 this missing patch should of shown up on MS's update page. (But a lot of sec patches dont) #2 use a different MS number if the KB number is different. Having the MS number the same but the patch in a different location is silly.

Things like this are all around MAJOR headaches. Gurrrrr!

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