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Windows We're really on the subject of software installation issues on OSNews lately, and this story, making its rounds on the internet, fits in quite well. Back in the day, during the antitrust lawsuits against Microsoft, Microsoft had to make a whole slew of corporate email public. In light of Gates' imminent withdrawal from Microsoft, SeattlePI dug up a little gem among these emails, one in which Bill Gates goes on a full-blown rant about the difficulties he had trying to download and install Windows MovieMaker, back in 2003.
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This email indicates that regardless of all the naysayers, at least Bill Gates himself cares about quality enough to do something about it, to the best of his abilities in terms of his time and personal efforts.

Do you mean that "the best of his abilities in terms of his time and personal efforts" is writing an e-mail? He was the boss, wasn't he? Did any of those complaints get fixed?

Who was in charge when the Registry became unusable? Who was in charge when the file system became unusable?

I'm mildly impressed that he at least recognized that those things were broken, but that just makes me angrier that after 10+ years they have done nothing to fix any of it!

Oh well, at least Bill felt better after caring enough to send a nastygram.

P.S. None of this is meant to be offensive to the poster I am replying to. It's just that 15 years as a Windows developer has done its work on my blood pressure.

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