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Java Now that Java has a fully open sourced implementation in RedHat's IcedTea, Neil McAllister questions whether an open Java even matters: "Even as Java has stretched outward to embrace more concepts and technologies - adding APIs and language features as it goes - newer, more lightweight tools have appeared that do most of what Java aims to do. And they often do it better."
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by ashcrow on Fri 27th Jun 2008 00:26 UTC
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Yes it matters ... but most new exciting (open) projects don't flock to it like they use to. A few years back it was all the rage to use Java, and a little less than 10 years ago it was even sexy.

Today it seems to be ruby(and jruby), python(and ironpython/jython), .Net(and mono).

It matters, but a lot like COBOL matters. I myself am happy to not be using it any longer but that is my personal preference :-).

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