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Mac OS X has published a quick look at Mac OS X Snow Leopard. "The biggest changes are under the hood. Snow Leopard is fast. Very fast. Like, surprisingly fast. From boot times to general application usage, Snow Leopard was noticeably quicker then Leopard when using the same system. Apple and 3rd party applications alike, they all launched faster and performed smoother. I'm sure this can be attributed to the new 64-bit architecture, but its amazing how much of a difference it really is." Screenshots included.
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by stabbyjones on Fri 27th Jun 2008 01:21 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by zizban"
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(in the short time i've been here i've found that staying out of apple/kde conversations is a good idea. my knowledge is debian/windows so it's best left to people who know more than me.)

as far as 10.6 goes it looks like there has been a large amount of optimisation which is something every OS needs as often as possible.

for me footprint is a big issue, leaner code means less things to break and getting almost 1Gb off an install is a big leap. i don't buy hardware to help run bloat so good work apple devs on slimming things up.

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