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Windows For any given release of Windows, there are companies that choose to skip it. But when the company is Intel, it's a big deal. Intel's IT department "found no compelling case" for upgrading to Windows Vista.
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I wouldn't call VS I/O intensive - unless you're building huge projects 24x7 (And if you are, you should consider switching to a GNU Makefile instead of using project files - distributing the builds to multiple concurrent jobs.)
Try testing the same application on 6 different VM guests on the same host and you'll see what I/O intensive means... ;)

Not gonna respond to the other stuff, since we seem to sort of be going in circles, but I have to call you on this. VS is constantly doing partial compilation of classes, almost after every line. I also use a plugin from jetbrains called Resharper, which only adds to the problem since it makes the whole thing more aggressive.

Fire up procmon and look at what studio does some time, even when it is just idling. It is right up there in resource usage.

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