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Microsoft The web is abuzz with articles related to Bill Gates' retreat from Microsoft, and the BBC, too, partakes in this buzz. The BBC decided to list a few of Bill Gates' and Microsoft's predictions and drastic moves, and came to a list of hits and misses. Five misses, four hits.
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"I think the one product which still impresses me to this day has to be Windows 95 and Windows 2000.

That's only because you never used IBM's OS/2 operating system which Windows '95 and 2000 were copied from but weren't half as good.

IBM didn't succeed with OS/2 because it could no longer control the distribution channels like it did back in the '70s with their mainframe systems.

Notice that history is repeating itself with Microsoft. Whenever they go outside the distribution channels they control (please, they REALLY do) their success is well ... not successful.

While they have sold millions of XBox360s they have only netted profits during two months of sales. Also note that "sales" to Microsoft does not mean sales to consumers but to retail stores. It doesn't matter if retail stores used to have millions of unsold 360s. Microsoft still counts those, and Zune sales by the way, as sales. Reality of actual retail sales isn't as kind.

I know, I know, I know, sigh, you love Microsoft and Bill Gates.

Bill Gates created a monster built on blocking distribution channels, not on quality. If you think they have quality products it is because you haven't really used competing products.

You think they haven't blocked distribution channels? Well, go into a regular store where you buy computers and try to buy a Linux computer. How about any other operating system on a PC other than Apple's. You can't find even one? How is that possible? How many different brands of cars are there out there and you can find only one brand of operating system. Don't you find that a little ... weird.

Read some history about BeOS and how they were willing to give their OS to OEMs like Dell, HP, Compaq, Toshiba for free to install by itself or side by side and guess what. Microsoft went to those companies and showed the contracts they signed that said they were not allowed to ship any computers that had anything else installed other than the latest version of Windows.

It's true.

I could go on but you still won't believe me. If you ever pull your head out of ... well, once you do and do some real research on why Microsoft is so big, how nobody can sell anything that they can't get on store shelves, you'll find out why.

Obviously a quote from his new book Why Microsoft keeps me awake at night available at all good book stores now!

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