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Windows For any given release of Windows, there are companies that choose to skip it. But when the company is Intel, it's a big deal. Intel's IT department "found no compelling case" for upgrading to Windows Vista.
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The OS exists to run applications, it is not _the_ application, it should be nearly invisible to the user, and should have a very minor impact on the hardware on it's own.

If the machine spec doubled or better from XP that is a damn good indicator that it is 2 to 3 times less efficient. How busy is the proc when the computer is idle, and how much memory is used by the always resident portions of the OS is how to judge bloat. Vista is full of it.

You would indeed be better off buying a lower cost machine and putting a more efficient system onto it. I recommend GNU/Linux, the Ubuntu distribution if this is your first time thinking of using it.

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